Purchase e. shop terms and conditions of use

How to buy?

1. Choose a favorite item, click on the product page, and the button "Add to Cart".

2. When choosing the all desired items, press the screen on the right upper side of the button "Shopping Cart". On this page you can view the selected list of items and to adjust the order (to increase the amount of selected goods or some refuse).

3. Click on the "Build Order". You will go to the buyer's data window where the data will need to fill the form (this information is needed, so we can deliver your ordered goods).

4. By clicking "Confirm Order" you confirm the trade basket of goods in order. Immediately after the order is sent to the administrator will contact you www.ledvitus.eu and fine-tune the final details of the order.

5. Combining all the booking details we will send you the ordering contract. If the desired item is in stock, it is specified in the order will be delivered at 1 - 3 work days. If the item is currently not in stock, on the delivery date will inform www.ledvitus.eu administrator. Typically, orders from European manufacturers we deliver within 1 - 5 for weeks after order confirmation. You will be sent in advance payment invoice for the goods and the order contracts. Product delivery fee to all Lithuanian cities (exclusive to the Kuršių Neriją) - 8 EUR including VAT. If the product weight from 5 kg to 20 kg - 10.00 EUR incl VAT and if the goods weight from 20 kg to 35 kg - 12.00 EUR incl VAT. In other cases, the price shall be adjusted individually. When purchasing goods than EUR 200 or more, shall be sent free of charge!


1. General provisions.

1.1. These supply contracts - rules (the "Rules") are parties to a legally binding document outlining the Buyer and Seller's rights and obligations, purchase of goods and payment for them in terms of delivery and return procedures, responsibilities and other countries with supply contracts - online store www.ledvitus.eu provisions.

1.2. Buy online store www.ledvitus.eu to all legal and natural persons who have reached the age of majority, which is not limited to insanity in court and minors between 14 and 18 years of age with their parents or guardians, except when they dispose of their own income.

1.3. The buyer, providing custom confirms that agrees with the purchase of goods and the rules under section 1.2 shall have the right to buy goods in the online store.

1.4. A contract is concluded between the buyer and the seller from the moment when the Buyer has formed an online store shopping cart, he indicated delivery address, method of payment chosen and familiar with the seller's rules by clicking the "Order".

1.5. Buyer and seller agree that the buyer provides goods and the seller to its approval, the price can vary depending on the purchase price affect the objective indicators such as the product cost increase, information systems technical error, the additional associated costs to the sales (LR CC 6313, Art. 7 d.). The buyer does not agree to buy the new product price, either party warns about another country and terminate the sale - purchase agreement. The parties agree that the loss was due to the purchase - purchase agreement provides for a procedure shall not be recoverable.

1.6. Buyer shall adopt rules agreed to supply documents and invoices, which are also the product warranty card, it must be made electronically buyer registration form to the e-mail address. The seller of the buyer purchased goods VAT invoice also puts www.ledvitus.eu website in the "Orders". VAT invoice specified above form is available to the buyer at the latest by the moment of the transfer of goods. Customer's account to the supplies, the amount of discounts granted, the final price, including delivery and all other charges and legal acts regulating the accounting necessary for the data.

2. Protection of personal data.

2.1. When ordering goods online store www.ledvitus.eu, the buyer must submit the requested data during registration.

2.2. The buyer is responsible for the correct data during registration submission.

2.3. By ordering goods the buyer agrees that his personal data are processed in order of control, performance analysis and direct marketing. The buyer also agrees that the buyer's e-mail address or phone number to be sent notifications necessary goods orders.

2.4. The buyer, by registering online store and ordering goods, undertake to protect the non-disclosure of login credentials.

2.5. Seller agrees to disclose the buyer's personal data to third parties except LR legislation respectively.

3. Buyer's rights and obligations.

3.1. The buyer has the right online store to buy goods www.ledvitus.eu these Rules and other electronic stores information in paragraphs respectively.

3.2. The buyer has the right to refuse the contract by e-mail notice to the seller of the 1st during the day when the seller confirms the order of the product.

3.3. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods ordered by paying them for an agreed price.

3.4. If the buyer changes the data by the former an order form, the buyer must immediately upgrade them.

3.5. The buyer undertakes not to transfer to third parties your login information. Loss of data, must immediately inform the seller.

3.6. Buyer online store www.ledvitus.eu placing an order, you agree to purchase - rules, the undertaking to comply with, and without prejudice to the legislation of LR.

4. Seller's rights and obligations.

4.1. The seller undertakes to create all possible conditions for the buyer make good use of online shopping www.ledvitus.eu services.

4.2. If a buyer is trying to undermine the work of online shopping and security and its obligations, the seller may immediately without notice to restrict, suspend, withdraw buyer's ability to take advantage of the online store.

4.3. The seller undertakes to respect the privacy of the buyer to buyer personal information specified in the order form and neperleisi it to third parties.

4.4. The seller undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by Customer order to the address indicated.

5. Ordering of goods, price, payment arrangements, terms.

5.1. Online shop online shoppers can buy 7th days a week, 24 hours. per day. Orders by phone, e-mail. accepted a fixed opening hours, which are specified in the contact section of the page.

5.2. The contract is considered entered into force, the buyer clicks the button "Order", which received the order Seller confirms it by sending a confirmation message to the e Buyer. mail or as otherwise agreed.

5.3. All prices online shop the euro (EUR), including VAT.

5.4. The buyer can pay for goods via e-mail. banking system. Money transfer to the Buyer I.Į. "Draudovitus' settlement accounts. Responsibility for the security of the data in this case lies with the relevant bank, the e-mail. the banking system is going wallet surgery. Or settlement by bank transfer, the buyer, to print out the order and went to the nearest bank branch, transfer the money to a friend. the store's bank account.

5.5. The buyer undertakes to pay the order or advance payment within 1-2 days. d. from the order date of approval. The package starts cooking only upon receipt of payment for the goods, unless the customer chooses to pay in cash for the parcel courier delivery.

5.6. Purchaser fails to satisfy the payment within 1-2 days. d. or transfer only part of the money order is canceled. If the money was transferred to I.Į. "Draudovitus' settlement accounts, 7 December. d. Usually they are transferred back to the buyer after deduction of bank money transfer transaction fee.

6. Delivery of goods.

6.1. The buyer, booking chosen delivery service, committed to the exact place of delivery.

6.2. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods. In the event that the Buyer can not accept the fact that the goods delivered to the address, the buyer has no right to bring claims against the seller for delivery ill.

6.3. Seller delivers the goods authorized representative (courier).

6.4. Dealer discounts may apply for deliveries if the buyer exceeds the prescribed amount of the reservation.

6.5. The seller delivers the goods to the Purchaser in accordance with the descriptions of the terms. In exceptional cases, the delivery may be delayed due to unexpected circumstances beyond the Seller. In this case, the Seller undertakes to immediately contact the Buyer and harmonize the delivery conditions.

6.6. In all cases, the seller will be exempted from liability for breach of terms of delivery, if the purchaser of the goods are not delivered or not delivered in time for the buyer's fault or due to circumstances beyond the Seller.

6.7. The buyer must immediately inform the seller if the shipment contains crumpled or otherwise damaged package, if the consignment received unsolicited goods or inadequate amount of product fully completed.

6.8. Buyer delivery observed defect must notify the seller.

7. Product quality, guarantee.

7.1. Www.ledvitus.eu online store selling goods data are shown next to each item description.

7.2. Seller is not responsible if the store the goods in color, shape or other parameters do not meet the actual size, shapes and colors on the buyer's imagination features.

7.3. Sold for individual types of goods can provide different quality guarantee with terms and other conditions specified in the trade description. In all other cases, the goods warranty is valid under the legislation.

8. Product return and replacement.

8.1. Return of goods takes place in accordance with the Minister of Economy in 2001. 29 June. Order no. 217 "The return and exchange approval of the rules." Money for the returned goods in all cases only be transferred to the payer's bank account.

8.2. The buyer returning the goods must send registered post. Return and replacement of goods postage paid by the buyer.

8.3. The buyer in order to return the goods to do so within three (3) days from the date of delivery to him, informing the Seller by e-mail filling in a special trade exchange - return form.

8.4. The returned item must be in original and tidy package, undamaged, unused, in the same set of composition, lost its commercial appearance (intact labels and protective films, etc.). When returning the items necessary to provide for the acquisition of the document.

8.5. Buyer's requirement to replace the goods purchased similar goods or refund the money paid in accordance with the 2001. 29 June. Lithuanian Minister of Economy No. 217 "The return and change the rules for the approval of 18 claims, the acquisition of such goods is not met:

* Perfumery, cosmetics, toilet preparations;

* Photographic and cinematographic goods;

* Printed books, pictures and other products of the printing industry;

* Textiles, carpet floor coverings, except carpets and rugs;

* Underwear, baby clothes;

* Tights, socks and other similar articles;

* Vests, pajamas and the like;

* Pearls, precious stones, precious metals and articles thereof other than imitation jewelery;

* Machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical machinery and equipment;

* Audio recording and playback of television image and sound recording and reproducing apparatus, and ground vehicles;

* Ships, boats and floating facilities;

* Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus;

* Watches, musical instruments;

* Arms and ammunition;

* Furniture;

* Bedding;

* Lamps;

* Toys, games, except sports and fishing accessories.

8.6. The seller has the right not to accept returned goods the buyer if the buyer fails to comply 8.3. laid down in the goods return procedure.

8.7. The return received the wrong item and / or defective goods, Seller agrees to accept the products and replace them with similar goods are appropriate.

8.8. In the case where the seller does not have a suitable replacement goods, buyers returned to the amount paid, including the cost for shipping.

8.9. If the buyer returns the goods, bought the shares at the time, returned for a good amount paid with their current discount.

8.10. If the time of purchase the buyer was applied free shipping, returns, in the case of the total paid by the buyer shall be deducted shipping costs according to the valid delivery rates.

9. Marketing and information.

9.1. Online store www.ledvitus.eu seller can organize various promotions and offers.

9.2. The seller has the right to unilaterally and without notice to change the terms of the shares and eliminating them. Shares for the conditions and procedures for the modification or cancellation is valid from the modification or cancellation of the moment.

9.3. The seller sends the messages to the buyer registration form listed contacts.

9.4. The buyer sends messages or questions to the seller e-shop by phone or e-mail.

9.5. The seller is not liable if the Purchaser does not receive reports on e-mail network failure and provide false contact details.

10. Final provisions.

10.1. These supply contracts - Rules created with the RL laws and regulations.

10.2. All disputes arising from the enforcement of the rules shall be resolved by negotiation. Failing agreement the parties, shall be settled in the Republic of Lithuania by law.

10.3. Failing agreement between the parties, the proceedings shall be submitted to the seller's place of registration of the court, under Lithuanian law.