About us

Companies’ activity - wholesale and retail trade LED lighting equipment and lighting project design and execution. One of the main objectives of the company's activities - LED lighting project execution and high-quality LED products satisfied customer.

The company sells these LED products: streets, outdoor area lighting, warehousing and manufacturing premises, multistory, underground car parks, tunnels, for the home, for office space, for office space, for public buildings for vehicles and marine ships lighting. The company is represented in many countries in the world certified manufacturer (including Lithuania), who work in this field more than year. Quality, professionalism, fast and reliable execution of customer needs - the main aim of the company. This encourages us to improve, gain new experience, bringing together competent and responsible team of professionals.

LED lighting is widely used in industry but also household. This trend is due to rising prices of electricity consumption costs and shrinking LED products production technology prices. At present, LED light sources of choice is quite large and varied, so the majority of ordinary users is difficult to decide, what led him best decision to choose. Companies are qualified experts in the field is ready to respond to all customer issues of concern, covering LED lighting technology application.

The company can be proud of:

For labor flexibility

Because of the low prices, good quality and a variety of goods we strive to good results. We care about each customer's wishes and opinion.

Experience and knowledge

Development everyday knowledge and conveying it to others.

Ability to communicate

To ensure good results, kindly and sincerely cooperate with customers and partners, because together we can achieve much more.

Responsibility and reliability

We strive to make our customers and partners to become long-term.

LED products main certificates:

CE, ROHS corresponding to European Union directives.